Judy Winter

Judy accepting her AOL-Dove CEO Award from Felicity Huffman.
New York City 2006

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Nationally Recognized Voice on Special Needs Parenting Issues

Judy and her work have been featured in major media across the country, including:


the view from the bay

autism one radio

living the life

chicago tribune

The Detroit News

family matters radio

Fox News Radio

The Fresno Bee

Grand Rapids Press

hour of power

Kansas City Star


KPBS Radio

NBC 11

New Morning TV

Parenting Magazine

Seattle Post Intelligence

WGN Chicago

wall street journal
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RicStar's Camp

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judy winterjudy winterjudy winter

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DID YOU KNOW? Fifty-four million Americans have a disability, 200 million people worldwide have an intellectual disability, more than 6 million siblings have a brother or sister with special needs—and 1 in 68 children (1 in 42 boys) is now diagnosed with autism. [Source: Centers for Disease Control] Disability crosses all ethnic, educational and socioeconomic borders—and it can happen to anyone at anytime. How would you want to be treated if this was your daily reality?

Judy Winter

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Judy Winter is passionate about improving the lives of millions of children with special needs and their families worldwide! She has been working hard to create greater awareness of the value and potential of this terrific population for nearly three decades— Judy can’t wait to talk with you about this incredible mission!








media interviews

For media interviews with Judy Winter, please contact Judy directly at jappwinter@aol.com

Judy Winter is represented by Catherine Fowler.

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Timberly Whitfield Spencer Christian & Janelle Wang of View from the Bay

Judy with Timberly Whitfield host of ‘New Morning’ NYC
Judy with Spencer Christian & Janelle Wang of 'View from the Bay' (ABC) San Francisco

Judy Winter with Tim Shiver Special OlympicsMarlee Matlin of AOL-Dove CEO Awards

Judy & Dick Winter with Tim Shriver at Special Olympics Washington, D.C. headquarters
Judy with Marlee Matlin at the AOL-Dove CEO Awards NYC

Terry Meeuwsen & Louise DuArt of CBN'S Living LifeRoger McCarville Disabilities Today

Judy with Terry Meeuwsen & Louise DuArt of CBN's 'Living the Life'
Judy with Roger McCarville host of 'Disabilities Today' airing on PBS

Judy Winter with Tim Shiver Special OlympicsJudy Winter with Tim Shiver Special Olympics

Judy about to be interviewed for KOCE Public Television Program ‘Bookmark with
Maria Hall-Brown’ / Maui Writers Conference

Judy with Judy Wheeler at Towne Center Books signing, Pleasanton, CA.

public speaking

Judy Winter

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Here’s just a sampling of Judy’s numerous
major-media interviews across the country!


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“What a pleasure having you on our show!
You were such a breath of fresh air!”

-Timberly Whitfield host of ‘New Morning’ airing on the Hallmark Channel

“There is no doubt in my mind that your testimony captivated the hearts and minds of our millions of viewers worldwide!”

-Robert H. Schuller, Founding Pastor Crystal Cathedral
Ministries- Hour of Power


Judy Winter has been a Certified Therapy Dog Handler since 2009, and volunteers with her dog, Jack, in various settings, including Michigan schools and at Michigan State University. Click here to watch Judy’s TEDx Talk, "Schooled by a Dog", about those experiences.


Click to watch Judy’s Special Needs Parenting Tips on YouTube:

Watch two of her interviews with LCC Connections:


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“I so admire your strength, and your incredibly kind and vivacious spirit

—which truly fills a room!”

-Melanie Grenham / Fox News Radio / Reporter, Producer, Editor


“What a fantastic interview! Judy was absolutely wonderful!

Kurt and Rebecca really enjoyed talking with her. She is a breath of fresh air!”

-Mary Rice, Producer of ‘Wakin Up’ with Rebecca & Kurt, Utah's AM 820


Click here to listen to Part 1 of Judy’s 2007 interview with Melanie Grenham-Fox Radio News. Click here to listen to Part 2 of the interview.

public speaking

“From getting over the myth of the perfect baby, to dealing with staring, to maneuvering the school system, Judy Winter’s wisdom is both practical and inspiring.”

-Jennifer Abbasi, Parenting Magazine


Click here to download Judy’s Profile in Wall Street Journal Infiniti Ad (PDF file)

Click here to read Judy’s interview with the Lansing State Journal

Click here to read Judy’s Points of Light Recognition (Pres. George W. Bush founder)

Click here to read 2017 Ann Kammerer’s article about Judy’s RicStar’s Camp work

public speaking

Judy Winter

© 2018 McShane Photography

“…I commend Judy Winter for expressing so honestly the gifts that can be brought about by a commitment to love and defiance against all odds. Her work is one that ought to be taken to heart, regardless of personal situation, as it stands as a tribute to what all people can achieve and what lies at the heart of the human spirit.”

-Brooke Ellison, M.A. John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, 2004 Author of ‘Miracles Happen: One Daughter, One Mother, One Journey’

“Remember, it’s about ability, not disability! I believe Ms. Winter will influence many parents and give them a positive outlook in raising their children. Judy Winter, thank you for being a very special parent.”

-Chris Burke, Actor-aka ‘Corky’ from ‘Life Goes On’

“Thank you, Judy, for putting the words we need to hear on paper."

-Kerri DiDario, Maddie's Mom


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