Judy Winter

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“Children with special needs are vastly undervalued, undersocialized and undereducated—and too often defined by disability. I’m doing everything in my power to help change that inexcusable reality.”
Judy Winter

Judy's Work

Judy Winter is an award-winning writer, speaker and author and has published dozens of personal essays and human-interest features for a number of publications on a wide range of subjects, including special needs. Career highlights include interviewing Dana Reeve, Mattie Stepanek, Tim Shriver, Kathy Buckley and many accomplished individuals facing special needs. Judy’s on-going, passionate commitment to better lives for kids with exceptionalities is fueled by stellar examples of Jesus, Robert F. Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, Timothy Shriver and Oprah.

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Judy's Career Highlights

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Judy's words also appear in the books:

  • A Special Kind of Love: For Those Who Love Children with Special Needs.
  • Enabled in Words. The Real Lives. Real Victories of People with Disabilities.
  • Back Cover Quote for The Parent’s Guide to Speech and Language Problems.
  • In parenting magazines and other print/online media across the country.

Judy has also been fortunate to chat with Mitch Albom, Felicity Huffman, Caroline Kennedy, Marlee Matlin, Wendy Wasserstein and Marianne Williamson, have a private meeting with Tim Shriver at Special Olympics headquarters, interview several Sesame Street cast members, discuss special needs & health care with Michael Moore on the streets of Traverse City, and take part in a Q/A with Gayle King during the run-through for her new Oprah & Friends XM Radio program!

Judy Winter has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication from Michigan State University and a few advanced degrees in real-life experiences.

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Judy Winter is featured in the ground-breaking film The Sandwich Kid: A Film About Siblings & Disabilities. The 2007 release was produced by Keri Bowers and her talented son, Jace, whose older brother, Taylor, has autism. The film gives important voice to the challenging role of siblings in special needs families. Click here to watch the film.

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Judy Winter has been a Certified Therapy Dog Handler since 2009 and volunteers with her dog, Jack, in various settings, including Michigan schools and at Michigan State University. Click here to watch Judy’s TEDx Talk "Schooled by a Dog" about those experiences.


Judy Winter is a Nationally Recognized Voice on Special Needs Parenting Issues. She is an engaging, spirited, and powerful public speaker. Click here to find out more about how to book Judy to speak at your event.

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